World’s first manufacturer of CPT equipment

For over 85 years, Geomil has been developing and manufacturing Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment, enabling high-quality and effective geotechnical site investigations. CPT data is fundamental for reliable offshore soil profiling as it sets the basis for cost effective project realization.

Support from A to Z

We support our clients from the very early stages of vessel design with feasibility studies and developing business cases, through the design process to the shipyard production engineering and building supervision. We then continue our services throughout the life of the vessel bringing ongoing innovation to project outfitting and marine operations through our consulting services.

Offshore products

The most commended Geomil systems are the Manta-100, Manta-200, Orca-90/125 and Marlin-120.

  • Geomil Manta’s are seabed CPT systems which can operate anywhere from shallow to deep waters. At the heart of the Manta is the unique Continuous Drive System (CDS), providing unrivalled push capacity. The latest addition to the product range is a Seismic Source Frame allowing for seismic CPT.
  • The Orca is a downhole CPT and soil sampling system compatible with most common drill rigs. The Orca can provide real-time data and has proven to ensure high efficiency and repeatable test data.
  • The Orca can be supported by a Marlin seabed template.

All Geomil offshore equipment is modular such that key components can be used with different systems in the portfolio.

Every corner of the world

Geomil’s head office is in Moordrecht (The Netherlands). We have regional offices in Montreal (Canada) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Geomil is looking for partners with the ambition to develop the market for offshore wind, using CPT technology. We are specifically interested to collaborate with:

  • Geotechnical companies.
  • Survey companies with an interest to step into geotechnics.
  • Vessel owners with the ambition to equip their vessel for CPT.
  • Companies interested to act as a reseller or service provider.

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