About Us

The Dutch Ocean Group (DOG) is a collaboration of companies in the Netherlands that work together to provide various ocean-related services and products. The group’s members offer a wide range of services, allowing them to create comprehensive solutions for global needs in oceanographic monitoring, surveying, and forecasting.

The Dutch Ocean Group takes the lead in coordinating and organizing the collective efforts of its members. Our mission is that by working together, their combined impact is greater than what each individual member can achieve on their own.


Level, Tide and Wave Monitoring
Coastal Monitoring Consultancy
Hydrographic & Acoustic Imaging Systems
Training and Education
Quality and flexibility in marine ecology
Hydrography and Geophysics
Monitoring and Forecasting
Sea Data and Information
Oceanographic Instruments and Services
Workboats for Coastal and Deep Sea Waters
Marine geotechnical site investigation and advice
Providing All-round Survey Services
Maritime Expertise for the Future
Building Hydrographic Survey Vessels
Motion Monitoring Services
Expertise is our tool
Universal sensor monitoring
Providing answers

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